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Shea Butter Lip Balm Stick

Shea Butter Lip Balm Stick

By Loccitane

4 (61 ratings)
  • combination skin, medium fair
    A decent lip balm
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    I had this as a gift from my brother, the packaging is simple and normal like the other lipbalm out of the market. I love the smells, not too strong. The lipbalm is white milky, and it brings no color to my lip, which is perfect for a base before applying your cosmetic if any of you had a dry lip. I recently had a dried cracked lips due to my pregnancy which is a pain and really uncomfortable, and after i use this there is a sudden relief on my lips, my lips instantly feel very smooth and no more crack on the lip and it lasted me for 2-3 hours. Although it is a bit pricey rather than those sell on the pharmacy, but i think its worth it :) 

  • dry skin, medium fair
    Best Lip Balm ever

    I really like this product, keeps my lips soft for long periods of time. I strongly recommend this to everyone who is still looking for THE lip balm. 

  • combination skin, fair
    Perfect for dry lips

    I have really dry lips and this lip balm is my holy grail. I glide it once before applying lipstick because lipsticks tend to dry my lips. This lip balm contains 10% shea butter which is great for nourishing lips and it glides on easily. However, it does not feel greasy at all! It has a very pleasant and neutral smell. It is very convenient to use, just one glide to protect your lips during cold weather and when in air conditioner room.

  • combination skin, fair, 26-35
    Effective lip balm

    The lip balm is a bit expensive, but really very effective to nourish, to prevent dry lips during the cold and dry winter time. It has a mild scent and glides on nicely. A blend of all those ingredients in the lip balm help to smooth and comfort dry lips. It keeps the lips hydrated for hours. Upon application,, it does not give any white cast or greasy finish. Overall, it is an effective lip balm. Would recommend this product if you have some extra money to spend since it is not cheap like other ordinary lip balm.

  • combination skin, medium fair, 18-25
    Gives me an allergic reaction, every time!

    The scent is great, the packaging is simple and L'occitane-y but this lip balm gives me horrible itches on my lips! I do have sensitivity issues, but I haven't experienced it on my lips before. It leaves my lips really itchy and if I can't help it I will keep on scratching which is really bad cause it will get even more aggravated. And then my lips doesn't feel moist or hydrated. It's upsetting for a product from L'Occitane to be like this but sometimes I just apply it for the sake of finishing the stick asap. I would recommend it ONLY if you test it. Go, leave the store and come back a few hours later! Heck, just get a sample somehow, don't buy it, just yet. 

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Product details

Repair and nourish dry lips with this moisturizing balm formulated with Shea Butter.