Oxy Oil Control Film 50sheets

Oxy Oil Control Film 50sheets

By Oxy

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  • sensitive skin, medium fair
    Looks and works like the one from clean and clear..

    I bought this when it was on sales in Watsons. Available in most drugstores in Malaysia (ie: guardian, watsons etc). Oxy is a well known product so quality control is for sure. 

    It's a little different in that it is simple to use and feels comfortable to use, gentle on the skin (as I have sensitive skin) sooooo try it out! Not too hygienic as everything is in the same packet so everytime I open it it is exposed to dust and dirt though 😕

    Simple to use and convenient to carry around. Recommended to those who constantly has an oily face and requires a fresh look all day 😉

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  • GOOD!!

    *dont rely too much on this product as it can cause an reverse function (more oil and sebum production) on face*

    what i love about the product is it can effectively remove the oil on my face with just one to two simple wipes. the price is not very expensive as well and very affordable for me. and the packaging making the sheets can be easily pulled out from it and always making the oil blotting jobs easier and simpler. so, i will surely repurchase it after i tried out all oil removing sheets in the market.

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  • acne prone skin, medium, 56-65
    Absorb excessive oil well

    if you have oily/blemish skin like me, it is always good to carry one oil control sheet with you whenever you go, so can absorb and remove excessive oil which can cause sebum. this sheet is easy to use, just dab on oily skin, and gently wipe away, those oily will be removed and stick on the sheet. it turns to oily immediately. absorbing power is good. handy and wallet-friendly too. 

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  • combination skin, olive
    Works Great!

    Definitely works amazing and does the job to blot oil during the day or night. This doesn't affect my make up and I do not need to touch up powder after using it. 

    Definitely recommended and one sheet can be used for the entire face. Can be found in drugstores at a cheap price.  

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  • combination skin, olive
    Very convenient

    This works just the same as Clean & Clear's. The sheet is thin and is blue in color. It's able to absorb all the excess oil from my face. It's also super easy to bring around. You can just slip this in your pocket and use it conveniently whenever your face gets oily. You'll get that fresh look in no time!   

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Product details

Oxy Oil Control Film is a unique microporus film with superior oil absorption power. It helps to remove excess oil instantly while maintaining skin’s moisture.

Key benefits and ingredients:
• Soft texture, removes shine and stickiness, leaving skin fresh and clean.
• Does not affect make-up and does not irritate skin, suitable for all skin types.
• After use, the film will become transparent but its absorbency will not be affected.



Polypropylene, Mineral Oil, Dimethydibenzylidene, Soritol, CI 74160