Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera Soothing Gel
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Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

By Nature Republic

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  • combination skin, fair, 26-35
    multi usage product

    I get this from Nature Republic outlet.The packaging also has a charming, fresh, green colour.

    This product is meant to be an all-over gel for soothing and cooling skin that is hot from either irritation or from exposure to heat.

    As it name "soothing",it's meant to be a "soothing" gel, good for sunburns, razor burn, etc.  I use it as a hydrating step in the summer.The amount is huge,300ml ,can use it around 2 months.I keep the main tub of this gel in my refrigerator.

     I have used the gel for a moisture  mask before going to bed.Sometimes , i used it as a eye mask. Its really work  out on mylittle eye wrinkle.

     I use it on my forearms after I get out of the shower, because sometimes the skin there gets tight when it dries too quickly, but if I use a traditional moisturizer it's just too heavy and feels gross.

    I think it's a nice product to have for the summer,surely repurchase.

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  • combination skin, fair
    Healing gel

    This product is one of the best aloe Vera gel by far. 

    The benefits are : -

    1. Good for healing minor cuts.

    2. Soothe the face after facial treatment. 

    3. Moisturise chapped skin (elbow and knees)

    4. Use it as night mask.

    The packaging is simple and the scent is of aloe Vera.  It smells good. 

    However, it's a bit sticky once you have applied the gel. Therefore, need to wait for 5min for the gel to dry to work it's miracle!

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  • normal skin, olive
    Great product ever

    I got my Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel from Nature Republic outlet in The Spring, Kuching for Rm32.90 at a huge generous tub of 300ml. This can last me months because a little goes a long way. I’ve used it for months and it’s still quite full.

    I used it as my whole body moisturiser, face mask, eye mask, treat superficial burn by the oven or sunburn as an after sun lotion but there are so many different ways you can use it.

    For example, shaving gel for a closer shave, hair gel, and many more!

    I love that it absorbed quickly without leaving oily residue or greasy. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth after using.

    As an eye mask, I apply a thick layer and leave it on for 20 minutes, I prefer to do this in the morning to soothe and reduce puffy eyes. Same goes as a face mask, I apply a thick layer on and leave it on then wash off during that time of the month where I have few inflamed acne and this Aloe Vera gel brings down the redness. There is some scientific evidence that aloe is able to kill bacteria as well as speed wound healing.

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  • oily skin, medium
    Natural republic soothing & moisturizing aloe vera gel

    It is a moisturizing facial gel and it really works for dry skin.

    It can buy at their cosmetic shop, natural republic. I'll use it after i'm using my favourite facial toner and it will really let my face moisturiz without use facial serum. One thing that i a little bit annoying is it packaging because it is too simple and too big. Lastly, if you not the person who very care about facial product's packaging, trust me it very perfect for you.

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  • sensitive skin, medium fair
    The gel work wonders!
    I always to apply the aloe vera gel on my skin at night as a daily regime as the aloe vera bring benefits to aid for scar fading. Eventhough it may took a long period though, it's worth it. I also apply it on my skin after my pimples popped out, and it seems everytime I apply it, the skin gets better and have a closure. i love it and recommend you to have ut as your daily regime!  View Review
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Product details

This soothing gel contains California CCDF certified organic Aloe Vera and mild to skin. Good for moisturizing face, arms, lets and hair. Instant moisturizing without sticky feel.
The vitamins from Aloe Vera, such as vitamin E, C and other minerals keep the skin moisturized and protect against UV rays. Fresh ingredients absorbs quickly into skin without leaving any residue.

Key benefits and ingredients:
•  92% Aloe Vera leaf extract
•  Skin firming and moisturizing effect – The fast-absorbing gel provides a refreshing feel to the skin
•  Soothing and moisturizing effect – Provides soothing and moisturizing effects to the sensitive skin
•  Makes skin healthy – Keeps the surface of the face and body healthy

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