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Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture ALOE VERA Soothing Gel
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Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture ALOE VERA Soothing Gel

By Nature Republic

3 (501 ratings)
  • combination skin, medium fair
    Cooling but not moisturising

    This is a ok product for me. Not a huge fans of this kind of soothing gel. It comes in a huge green tub. No doubt, the tub is fill with a lot of the product. The soothing gel is transparent in colour with a nice smell. I a not sure whether that is the aloe vera smell, but I like the smell. It claims to be a multi function gel that can use on the whole body. But I don't think it is suitable as a face cream. The texture is a little bit sticky and thick. I try to put it on face and I feel that it is just ok. I don't like the sticky feeling that it gives even after it dries. I try to apply it on my leg because I have scaly dry skin but not much use. It does not moisturize the skin. I just like the cooling effect when it is on the skin. I think that this is a good product to calm your skin like when you have sunburn or itchy skin. But if you are looking or moisturizing   then I don't think this is a suitable product. It is not as good as it is rave about.

  • sensitive skin, fair
    This is my hand cream

    I tried to use this as moisturiser but made my skin itchy and sensitive!

    I tried to use this as non rinse hair mask, apply generous amount on damp hair, it made my hair tangled!

    I tried to use this as body lotion, quite good, but not fast absorption. 

    Then I tried to use this as hand cream, it works well! I like to use this after doing house chores. Apply generous amount on palm, it reduce my palm's roughness and dryness. Then I apply slightly more on nail cuticle, leave it dries slowly, and my fingers got smoother. 

    It has a very nice refreshing scent, like to use it as hand cream and one big jar can last for very long.