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Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture ALOE VERA Soothing Gel
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Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture ALOE VERA Soothing Gel

By Nature Republic

3 (501 ratings)
  • normal skin, medium
    我叫它急救jelly😂 用在头发不好😔



    我的使用心得1: 当皮肤爆干,爆痘,超级无敌脱水,超级无敌泛红的时候,它就是你的首选了  只要连续几天使用,拿比平时使用的分量多一倍,皮肤很快就恢复之前一样,所以我都管它急救jelly  

    用后感: 皮肤变得滑嫩

    我的使用心得2: 我的发尾因为染和烫,变得非常干燥,想说拭看把它用在头发,看能不能救,可是结果是没有效,而且捈后梳头发时,感觉不滑顺,如打结一般

  • normal skin, medium fair, 18-25
    Multipurpose soothing gel

    Cheap yet good product that I think each and every one must own this. I bought mine from Althea which cost only RM13, purchase via this link http://my.althea.kr/referral-welcome?k=2ODk3MTk and code [WELCOME-MY] can get RM20 discount for first purchase. 

    It smells like aloe which is soothing scent which is not too strong. It feels sticky after applied but once the gel is absorbed, it barely leaves any stickiness feel, unless you applied too much and without any massage to help skin to absorb. It is so huge in amount, so I would normally use it as daily sleeping mask. I literally used so much on face for each time, but with massaging, the gel is well-absorbed and barely leaves stickiness on face. The effect is quite good in this way, my skin is supple and moisturised. If use it as normal cream, the moisturising power is just so-so.

  • combination skin, medium fair
    definitely a must have
    my skin is extremely oily especially on my T-zone. yes i have mild combination skin. i was told that for combination skin, i should wear 2 different moisturizers. 1 for my T-zone and 1 for other area which are my cheeks. i thought this is quite bothersome for me. yeah, having to buy 2 different moisturizers is quite a burden. you know moisturizers these days, they're not CHEAP ! but i came across this Nature Republic moisturizer and i bought it without thinking twice. the jar is green in color which is so cute ! the price is less than rm20, super cheap ! and the texture is so soft and smells nice. it absorbs pretty quickly on my skin and it leaves my skin super soft and non-sticky. surprisingly i can apply it all over my face, not just on my T-zone. after a month of using it, my skin has become less oily and my pores have reduced in size and quantity. MAJOR LOVE !! would buy this again in the future.
  • dry skin, medium fair
    Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

    I love aLoe VEra . 

    Its all start which i had a very dry skin. The dryness of my skin its then make me feel pain and my skin so easy to break down. 

    Once having skin breakdown , Its became more painful while i'm working as im keep on using Alcohol Hand Rub. Its painful. 

    This aloe Vera from Nature Republic its come in a container size. Which is huge for me and its big. 

    From the price range is accepted. 

    I using this apply on my skin.  Head to Toe i will apply especially on my day off. Its help to cool up my body and smoother my skin. Its real . 

    Its make my skin feel cooling and in the same time its make my skin much more smooth after i bath. Gread. Its seem make my skin more moisturize. My skin looks slightly brighter also. 

    REally recomended for those who had a bad dry skin or redness. apply this on the area. Its help cool down the skin and smooter the skin. lessen the scar on the skin also. 

  • oily skin, medium fair, 13-17

    mazing. It is soothingly cool and smooth. It really moisturizers your skin and it makes your face look brighter and it may just be me but my oily skin hasn't really been much of a problem and I haven't had much acne since I've used his product. Would recommend

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Product details

This soothing gel contains California CCDF certified organic Aloe Vera and mild to skin. Good for moisturizing face, arms, lets and hair. Instant moisturizing without sticky feel.
The vitamins from Aloe Vera, such as vitamin E, C and other minerals keep the skin moisturized and protect against UV rays. Fresh ingredients absorbs quickly into skin without leaving any residue.

Key benefits and ingredients:
•  92% Aloe Vera leaf extract
•  Skin firming and moisturizing effect – The fast-absorbing gel provides a refreshing feel to the skin
•  Soothing and moisturizing effect – Provides soothing and moisturizing effects to the sensitive skin
•  Makes skin healthy – Keeps the surface of the face and body healthy

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