Naruko Narcissus Repairing Mask 10pcs
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Naruko Narcissus Repairing Mask 10pcs

By Naruko

3 (70 ratings)
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  • combination skin, olive
    Love Naruko Products <3

    Purple, my favourite colour.   I love the packaging because it's purple!   It has a nice scent and is very soothing. The texture is thick so when you use it, it won't dry out quickly. Give your face some time to absorb it all and you will see the effects later.   It moisturise your face thus keeping it hydrated. It also keeps your face from becoming oily. Highly recommended!   

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  • acne prone skin, medium fair
    Quality and moisturizing mask

    Naruko mask is always good with quality and moisturizing. This mask is moisturizing and is able to stabilize and improve your skin condition. I usually apply this either once a week or in two weeks. Applying this mask enables you to release stress and gives your face a cooling effect. It reduces skin redness too. There are excessive essence in the package. I would recommend not to waste those essence by effectively using it to apply on your face. Recommended to all skin type.

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  • dry skin, medium fair
    Cheap, Affordable and Good Quality
    Mtxx 20161130214358 Mtxx 20161130214257

    I brought from the Naruko website. It is during promotion that RM39.90 for 2 box of masks. The price is cheap and the products quality is quite good. the packing is cute as I like purple color. The masks did not have any scent.

    There are usage tips behind the mask box, so just follow the instruction.The impression for the mask are quite moisturizing but it did not last long.

    The biggest different that I found this products compared to other: Naruko are cheap, affordable and brand. 

    i recommend to others if wanted to buy masks with cheap price (But don not expect the quality is too good than other expensive Brand  Jayjun and Mediheal)

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  • acne prone skin, fair, 18-25
    Not may fav one of naruko mask..

    Bought from watson coz that time they having the promotion.. so, i grab it immediatelly.. 

    Im really like the tear line, they mask is superbbbb good, i always buy again and again until now, have a lot of tear line mask now in my stock, hahaha..

    For this line, i would its okay, i still like it but onot as much as i like the tear one.. its still hydrating my skin, not superb but still i can feel the effect.. it has nice scent.. basically, i love it but nothing much..

    It didnt brighten up my skin tone, i just the hydrating effect maybe.. oh yah, its suitable for all skin types so no worries.. i also like it didnt give me breakout or any allergic reaction..

    I wiould wearing anytime i feel like i need extra hydration for my skincare routine..

    Price: quite affordable, watson sometimes have promotion so grab it that time, buy a lot to stock up... heh

    Recommended: meh, no worries.. everyone can use it, suitable for all skin types,, its also have great ingredients.. check them out^^

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  • sensitive skin, medium, 26-35

    One of my favoirite! Love its moisturising and cooling effect. Got it as a free gift. Its a good mask which contains lots of facial essence which allows skin be supple and hydrating. It is lightweight as I don't feel any stickiness after removing, Definitely highly recommended and will purchase it again!

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Product details

This mask is specially designed for prematurely aging skin. Coordinating with high effective protective and hydrated formula,it cherishes damage and weak skin and radiates refined and healthy shine.

Hydrates,repairs and soothes your skin. Restores elastic skin and prevents skin from aging.