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Missha M Magic Cushion Moisture Foundation
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Missha M Magic Cushion Moisture Foundation

By Missha

4 (121 ratings)
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  • combination skin, olive
    blends better with a brush

    a really decent bb cushion with a justifiable price! consistency and texture are good. provides decent coverage for everyday use as well. the shade is def a lil too light for me so i apply a hint of bronzer over it, and it makes my skin look aaaaaamaaazing. unfortunately i find that it doesn't really go well with the puff provided. recently started applying this using a foundation brush and the difference is amazing! definitely find myself reaching for this more often now that i've discovered a better application tool. 

  • oily skin, medium fair
    Great coverage

    The packaging of this BB cushion is small and convenient to carry around. This foundation has a buildable medium coverage, it does not make my face look cakey when I apply few layers. It gets absorbed into my skin quickly, giving it a natural finish.  It's pretty long lasting and it does not come off and transfer easily when I set it with powder. It has sun protection of SPF 50+ which saves me some time by skipping the sunscreen step in my skincare routine. 

  • sensitive skin, medium
    Cheaper alternative for bb cushions

    The coverage for this is pretty good. The moisture version is definitely for dry skin only because it is very moisturising. The shades selection is pretty okay. Compared to the Laniege one, this is more hydrating. There is also another version of this magic cushion for normal-combination skin types which is great. It is much cheaper to buy it from online and you can get the refill as well. There quite a lot of product but the only thing is that the cushion does kind of flake off a little after numerous use which is pretty normal. Would recommend it!

  • acne prone skin, medium
    It's moisturizing and make my skin looks brighter!

    I bought the Missha M Magic Cushion Moisture Foundation at online website. I have tried this Magic Cushion from last year. This is my 1st Cushion and I like it. It's make my skin looks glowing. My friends also said the same about my face when I apply this cushion.  

    This cushion is suitable for dry skin because it's make your skin smooth and glowing. Totally worth the price. People should apply this Magic Cushion after you apply moisturizer. But the coverage it's not that good because I can see my scars.

    I would not repurchase this again because I want to try a Cushion that can cover my scars. But  I really recommend this cushion to those who want to try a cushion for the first time.

  • combination skin, medium fair
    Great coverage and minimalist packaging

    I was looking out for a foundation after I had finished my liquid foundation from a japanese brand. But it did not work for me because I personally do not like liquid foundation, as it is really troublesome for me to have to use a brush to seal the liquid foundation in and may even creates an unbalance coverage if you blended in with little efforts. Hence, I started sourcing out for BB cushions because of recommendation from my friends. I finally found the BB Cushion of my dream, which is Missha Magic Cushion. When I first apply the foundation onto my face with the puff that comes along with it, it is kinda liquid and I was a little afraid that it would make my face too cakey. As I pat out the foundation gently across my face (tip: pat the foundation gently onto your face, do not wipe across because it will creates an uneven coverage), the foundation gets lighter and kinda absorbed into my face and dries out real quickly without making the skin feels sticky or cakey. It creates a medium coverage when you apply one layer, if you want more coverage, you can apply another layer. But because I want to even out my concealer together and do not want my skin to look too "fair", I applied just one layer. (Tip: My skin tone is fair-medium, I used 21 light beige for this) And that particular one layer of foundation can last an entire day when I am out. I only will apply touch-up powder whenever my T-zones start having "greesy-breakout". The rest of the face is alright without any touch-up. Best of this product? The SPF 50+ formula is included inside the cushion foundation. It is like skipping a step of sunblock, why not, since I feel like it is really troublesome to apply sunblock, this cushion foundation helps to save your time and energy. And you can even repurchase the refill pack after you finished the foundation. I would repurchase the magic cushion because of its beautiful minimal packaging, great coverage and easy-to-carry compact case.

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Product details

Magic cushion with perfect coverage to help achieve flawless skin and long lasting makeup without darkening

Key benefits and ingredients:

1. Perfect Coverage

Micro Cover Pigment helps cover flaws to create a cleaner complexion 

2. Long-Wearing

Smooth Silica Bead Powder helps absorb sweat and sebum for long-lasting wear without a darkening effect 

3. Lightweight

Boron Powder helps achieve a smooth and lightweight application without buildup 

4. Smooth, Dewy Finish

Bamboo Water & Baobab Tree Fruit Extract help provide moisture while Witch Hazel Extract help soothe the skin for a truly comfortable wear

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