Maybelline Clear Smooth Bb Clear Stick
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Maybelline Clear Smooth Bb Clear Stick

By Maybelline

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  • oily skin, fair
    Cakey! ;( Not recommended for oily skin!

    I needed to get a concealer and my my accidentally bought this concealer for me instead. I tried the colour natural and this is my first time using a stick type concealer compared to liquid ones.

    It's quite thick and creamy when you slide it through your skin which I can't get used to it, so instead i use my make up brush to slide up from the concealer to even it out bit by bit. Coverage wise, it doesn't do a good job in concealing my dark eye circles but acne scars yes, abit, not that of a full coverage. It gets cakey after a hot and sweaty day, and my dark circles are back to being visible ;(

    But my mum loves it so much and it covers her pigmentations perfectly and she's got to use it instead! She's got dry skin instead and she said it's moisturizing for her. Not bad for a drugstore product, I guess it's just not for everyone.

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  • combination skin, fair
    Clog pores
    • the stick form is very economical. you can see exactly how much product you have. unlike tubes where you have to trust that 20ml means 20ml . it's pretty affordable and available almost everywhere
    • lightweight - doesn't look like you have too much on the face
    • good coverage. my skin looks smooth and clear with this on! 
    • it doesn't really stay put for like 8 hours straight but it's enough to keep me from powdering myself ever so often. in fact, i only put it during the day and leave it be without any retouches.
    • it smells horribly like dangerous plastic. 
    • it only comes in 2 shades 
    • Clog pores
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  • dry skin, medium
    A so-so product
    To start off, this product is definitely for people with oilier skin. Why you may ask? Well, because it clings to dry patches on my face is quite streaky no matter how much I try to blend it in. Not only that, the color selection is also quite little, all of which are quite pale and similar to each other. Once blended out, it looked like as if I had put baby powder all over my face or as if I tried to look like a ghost. Overall, this product is only suitable for those with oily skin + people who are on a budget. Would I recommend this product to anyone? Probably, but only to people who has, again, as I mentioned, oilier skin types.  View Review
  • combination skin, olive
    I don't like it.

    The packaging is simple but it is not worth buying. The first time I use it was for cosplaying. I cleaned my face first then let it dried out and I applied the bb cream. At first, I thought it looked alright but after some time it clogged my skin. It melts easily when I'm sweating and it will wear off, causing my skin tone to look uneven. After that time, I never use it already. Not recommended! 

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  • combination skin, fair, 18-25
    not for me

    This product doesn't work well for me. It cakes up my skin and clogs my pores giving me breakouts. I use this around the troubled area of my skin as it gives a relatively good coverage, but after awhile, it oxidises and leave an orange, greasy layer on my skin which emphasizes my flaws more! Wouldn't repurchase this.

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Product details

Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free B.B. Clear Stick 8-in-1 SPF 21 PA +++ Skin Clarifying Stick with Mineral Clay effectively and visibly clears away appearance of pores, skin impurities and absorbs excess sebum for a clearer healthy-looking skin.
Key benefits and ingredients:
•    Improve clarity
•    Lesser visible pores
•    Lesser greasy shine
•    Long lasting shine control
•    Reduction in redness
•    Smoother skin
•    More even tone
•    More radiant clear, healthy, flawless, bare skin look
•    By Maybelline

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