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Kiehl's Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate

Kiehl's Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate

By Kiehl's

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  • combination skin, medium fair
    on the fence

    I've been using this for about a month now but i don't see much of a difference. The smell is bearable but mildly chemical-like. 

    What i must note it how it has a slight warm, burning sensation when applied to certain areas but it doesn't make me irritated or turn red in any way. I don't know if that's normal but i find this product to be too expensive for its use. I have purchased other more effective eye products as a lower price point. 

    I doubt i will be repurchasing this item. 

  • sensitive skin, medium fair
    Living up to its expectations?
    Eyes are the windows to the soul- hence pretty area around the eyes are 💕SO💕 Important. I got this product from Mid Valley Megamall and gave this to my mum as a gift for Mother's Day 😉 (What did you get your mum? Reply your answer to this post!)

    This product does not contain a large quantity in it. Simple to use and very convenient to bring around, travel sized? It doesn't have a pungent smell and looks really classy (matches my mums dressing table) hence really suitable for her in a sense 😂😂

    She doesn't use any makeup products so results were seen really fast, as compared to a lot of skincare products. 

    Recommendable to those who are willing to splurge! 

  • sensitive skin, medium, 26-35
    Effective but also quite costly

    Bought this due to good review for fine lines around eye area. Gave to my mum as a gift and she love it alot. I can notice significant changes in her eyebags and crow feet after using for roughly 2 weeks. She love the product as she feels that it is soothing and she notice the changes in her eyebags as well with its brightening effect. Highly recommended  

  • combination skin, medium
    Eye Brightening
    I bought this product from Mid Valley after hearing good reviews about it online. Even Rita Ora personally uses this for her travel essential. The price is a little bit too high for a daily essential but it's worth the splurge occasionally. I use this before I go to sleep and whenever I'm feeling a little tired. It definitely helps in eye brightening! My eyes looked so much refreshing after application. Highly recommended! 
  • combination skin, fair, 26-35
    Reduce eyebag size

    An effective eye serum which helps in rejuvenating the skins particularly the eye bag area. Fine lines around the eyes are significantly reduced and I like how it helps in soothing and reducing the eye bag size. The dark eye circles are rarely seen after I applied Kiehls powerful strength line reducing eye brightening concentrate whenever I stay for work overnight.  

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Product details

Formulated to improve the look of the delicate eye area with a potent concentration of Pure Vitamin C 10.5% (L-Ascorbic Acid), known for its affinity with skin and powerful ability to improve the appearance of aging skin. While Haloxyl, a new-patented ingredient, strengthens, soothes and brightens the eye area helping to eliminate dark circles.

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