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Clinique Chubby Stick Baby Tint Moisturizing
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Clinique Chubby Stick Baby Tint Moisturizing

By Clinique

4 (54 ratings)
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  • acne prone skin, medium, 56-65
    Lip balm with sheer colour

    received one deluxe size upon purchase online. got the hot selling colour coming up rosy, it is sweet pink, looks coral on lips, very natural. it is smooth, glide easily, but not pigmented, the colour is sheer, light cannot last long. same goes to its moisturizing power, not lasting too. need to reapply as needed. it is a very normal lip balm for me, nothing special. 

  • combination skin, medium fair
    Love this wonderful tinted moisturising chubby stick

    I love this chubby stick! I'm crazy over most Clinique makeup products because I really feel like you're using quality stuff and it's all very simple and packaging is very basic which suits me!

    I've been using these chubby sticks for many many years, and I've gone through multiple sticks in multiple colours and I just keep getting more because I love it! 

    The colours are all very wearable, and application is super easy. Just uncap, twist, apply (doesn't leak!) and done! It has an ever so slight glossy finish. it makes your lips look well moisturised with a hint of beautiful healthy colour. Its wonderful for daily use at work because the colours are muted, natural and healthy looking. It keeps your lips well-moisturised so that when you use harsher lipsticks for events - your lips are soft and will not die from the super drying lipsticks like liquid lipsticks. 

    I carry one in my handbag wherever I go! I also like the chubby stick intense where you get more pigmented shades. Super lovely. Highly recommended as a daily lipstick (minimal tint) especially in my line of work (healthcare) where makeup is usually kept to a minimum. 

  • combination skin, tan, 18-25
    love it

    I have this in "Flowering Freesia" which looks purple but on the lips is more of a light cool pink/lilac. Also, these are VERY very sheer. Not at all like the original Lip Colour balm. They still have the same smooth, moisturising lip balm like feel to them. I like using them over a lip stain but by themselves they just look like a lip balm. If you want a sheer alternative to the original, check them out, but for the money I would prefer the high colour payoff and equally excellent moisturising formula of the original. i also love using this on my cheeks as a blush and it stays on and gives a natural look. prefect for worrk or school.

  • 18-25

    I had gotten this as a free gift from Clinique itself. It was really cute and fun to use. It's somehow retractable so it always looked "full". This lip tint glides easily on to my lips and had a very smooth finish to it despite it being in a pencil form. It has a sweet pleasant scent to it as well. The color was quite vivid but looked natural. The tint had moisturised my lips and it lasts for about 2 hours+. It's a pretty good deal for a mini free gift. Love it and would like to repurchase one i run out!

  • sensitive skin, dark, 13-17
    Moisturising and fun to use!

    I have gotten this as a gift from my friends. I usually have very obvious lip lines and this made it look less obvious. I liked the scent of it and the looks of the packaging which really stands out from other brands. Also, it was good to be using this as the lip stick was design in such a way that I do not need a mirror to apply this. It has a greasy texture but doesn't feel like it wholely coats and suffocate my lips unlike other brands. Each application would last me about 2-3 hours which is very reasonable for a lipbalm-lipstick kinda product. Overall it's fun to use and I would consider repurchasing.

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Tempt lips with a soft cushion of colour that's not quite sheer, not quite opaque-just the perfect happy medium. It loaded with mango and shea butters so lips feel comfortably soft and smooth. Eight vibrant shades in all.

Key benefits and ingredients:
These sheer balms bloom on contact to bring out your lips’ natural tone. The range of universally flattering shades means there’s a color is for everyone.

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