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Banila Co Clean It Zero

Banila Co Clean It Zero

By Banila Co

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  • oily skin, medium
    Game changing makeup remover

    I got this in mini tubs/samples when I went to buy Banila Co's makeup products in Myeong Dong. This is simply amazing!!! First time using such a balm to remove my full-faced makeup and I love it so much! I believe it can be bought in Bugis Street as well, in one of the shops on level 3 that sells many other makeup and skincare products from Korea (but not sure if they are authentic, purchase at your own risk!) This product has no scent to it and the texture is like glue/balm.

    I use it after a long day of wearing full-faced makeup and I discover that it can be used to "melt" your thick makeup, especially at your eye area without irritating your eyes!!! It does not burn/sting your eyes. So amazing I love it! You should rub the balm onto your face and it will melt off whatever makeup you have on your face and then use water to rinse it off. Very easy and also effective in doing its job! No makeup residue is left

    The most impressive thing about it is the ability to clean off the makeup very thoroughly just by rubbing it all over your face. It is also very convenient as with this, you don't find it necessary to do double cleanse. But I myself prefer double cleansing.

    I would highly recommend this to EVERYONE out there!!!!!! Especially lazy people looking for fast and effective ways to remove makeup from their face after a night party~


  • acne prone skin, medium, 56-65

    this balm is sticky and oily when apply, rub small portion on face to melt the makeup then add a bit of water to massage, then rinse off thoroughly, it can remove makeup effectively included waterproof one, but the process is so oily and after rinse off already still can feel the greasiness, must use cleanser afterwards

  • combination skin, tan
    Good product to use

    I purchased it in Korea as Song Ji Hyo was the ambassador at that time. It removes makeup easily with gentle massage on the face. It is a little oily after usage but it can be cleansed entirely with common cleansing foam. My face will remain moisture and fresh after I wash my face. 

    The little spatula come come along with the product is a handy tool to use. I will definitely purchase more. It is not expensive considering the size. I normally put on make up on the weekend and I am just finishing in a year

  • combination skin, medium
    Perfect cleaser!

    This product just made me WOW! I knew this product during my trip in Korea. A friend of mine actually knew this product and purposely want to buy it at Korea. I didn't know about this until my friend told me it was makeup cleanser in balm form. Sounds interesting. Since she is buying 4 to get cheaper price, she asked me if I want to share. So I decided to get 1 instead. I tried it the night after we bought it. It's really a very good product! Clean your makeup in few minutes only!! Base, eyebrow, eyeliner, mascara, everything on your face. It feels like oily since it's balm form but when you wash it with water, it turned white and it's not oily at all. Wash with cleanser after use this, you will feel fresh! I recommended this product, it's really worth the money!  

  • Oil base make up cleanser.

    Bought the makeup from an online seller. 

    I am a huge korean make up lover hence I always do double cleansing for my face whenever i apply make up. I have seen this product being raved online by a lot of korean make up gurus from youtube hence I decided to give it a shot and I really like how it melt away my make up leaving my face feeling so clean. Its very gentle on my skin and it does not give me any break outs. The texture is really nice and its not oily on my face at all even tho its an oil base make up remover. You can literally see all your make up coming off. One bad thing about this is that when it use it to remove your eye make up your vision will be blurred, so I will not recommend it to be used on the eye. Other then that everything is fine and i will definitely recommend it to people. 

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Product details

Heralded as one of Allure Magazine's (Korea) Editor's Picks, this award-winning hypoallergenic cleansing cream has finally hit our stores. This unique product applies as a solid balm and then transforms into a silky oil on the skin as you massage the product on your skin. Dissolving the most stubborn makeup and removing any impurities from your skin while keeping your skin's essential oils in tact. Formulated with various Extracts and Vitamins like Papaya Extract and Vitamin C, your skin will feel clean, smooth, and radiant.

How To Use:

Using the provided spatula, scoop a small amount and place on the back of your hand. Then using your ring finger take the product from the back of your hand and dab onto a dry face and massage in up and outward motions. Rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry for moisture retention.

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Mineral Oil, Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, Peg-20 Glyceryl Triisostearate, PEG-10 Isostearate, Polyethylene, Butylene Glycol,Purified Water, Bambusa Arundinacea Stem Extract, Viscum album (Mistletoe) leaf extract), Papaya Fruit Extract, amaranth, sunset yellow FCF, Spice