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What’s the best way to have white teeth?

I’m a huge coffee fan and would like to know the best way to white teeth! Are there any products/home remedies out there which is useful when it comes to teeth whitening? :)


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The cheapest way is to ALWAYS drink your coffee with a straw, so it does not stain the outside of your teeth (thats what matters right). If its hot coffee, wait for it to be cool enough to drink from straw. This is the only way to avoid stains. If already stained, visit dentist for a take home DIY teeth whitening kit, its more affordable than in-house whitening treatment by dentist.

Go to instagram and search for this acc --> "hexxaglowhitebyezan" . Really recommended and ur teeth will be white as ur pure heart haha

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Maybe you could visit a dentist for teeth bleaching =)

I haven't tried before but you can google and try some home remedies for whiter teeth like brushing with baking soda after meal or or rub apple cider vinegar on them! You can also try toothpaste that helps teeth whitening! But recently there is this famous teeth whitening kit which is about RM200-RM300 called "Beautiful", which I heard from a Singaporean blogger :) However, you should do more research on the product's pros and cons before using! (I have not tried it personally yet)

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I had the same issue!!!! it help me and my friend a bit, not sure if it works for everyone, but i bought colgate's plus shine! I brushed like... at least 2-3 minutes and i felt it got whiter! can give it a try :)) hehehe