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How to redeem other products besides the ones shown in the My Profile > Rewards section?

Hi, I'm not interested in the products being displayed in the Rewards section.
There is a lack of variety of products to choose from.
I want the option of being able to choose and redeem something else.
Is there a way to do so? If yes, please share a simple guide on how to do so.

PS: Anyone here from way back remember when they have the points required to redeem a certain product displayed on the right side of the products?


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Hi Dear @Favful Beauty Observer, it's been 10 months and I notice the Rewards section is still pretty much the same. It still does not allow us to search and redeem for products that we want. Instead it only shows a preset list of 46 products and though these products seems to have very good reviews - they aren't on the top of my list of items that I would like to try at the moment. Please advise. Thanks :)

Beauty is freedom with responsibilities

@syaza atiqah : Wow, that's nice! @anaam hussain: Ohh.. mind sharing with us what makeup palettes did you manage to redeem? =) @favful: Yay!! I can't wait for more goodies to be added into the Rewards & Community benefits. Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Holidays!!

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Hi Kimberley and all the babes here! We absolutely appreciate your concerns & we are definitely taking your suggestions into our priorities. Our new rewards system is gathered by consolidating all the best reviewed products throughout the platform, however it may not be what you want to redeem. But NO WORRIES as we do welcome your recommended rewards suggestions as you continue to be inspiring to many. So hang tight as we will improve on our Rewards & Community benefits! Lots of love from us 💕

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I know Kimberley what you mean.. it was awesome...the wide variety of rewards to choose back then..is what got me hooked on favful...i don't like the rewards around now...they are so limited...back then i got so many palette and brush sets....these rewards don't motivate me to review...waiting for something better to come up

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Maybe you can try emailing them? Btw I remember that! It was really convenient. But not all products can be redeemed though. Some don't have the points next to them. But I managed to redeem a liquid lipstick from The Balm for just 600 points back then! ❤️

Beauty is freedom with responsibilities

@ybtan I am so sorry to hear that. I know I would be so irked if that happens to me. From the information I gathered, the points have an "expiry date" if you have not reviewed anything for the past year so best to keep up with your reviews. I really like that most of the products you reviewed are on skin care. Please do share more in future. I have acne issues since the age of 10. so I'm always on the lookout for a good skin care product. :) @jynnlooi Girl, you have the same name as my friend! Hahaha, what a coincidence. Anyways, I was thinking of skin care products like the NUXE, Embryolisse, Huxley, Cosrx, Pyunkang Yul, dear Klairs, Kose, Clinique and Kiehl's and makeup products of course like Colourpop, Tarte, Make Up For Ever, Son&Park, Wet&Wild. I lean towards brands that are cruelty-free and against animal testing. (I understand that animal testing are sometimes required by law in some countries but yea... if given a choice I would try and want to support companies who do not do animal testing). Currently only able to redeem the Tease palette from Tarte but I am more interested in their other palettes, like the tartelette™ in bloom clay palette and the Rainforest of the Sea™ foil finger paints shadow palette ( you got to check out the packaging for this one. It is so pretty!!)

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Omg! Yea man! Like what kinda products do you have in mind to redeem? can share?

Yup, I remember when you could choose what you wanted to redeem with your points. Why isn't anyone from the Favful team responding to this? Not only that but I haven't logged in for quite a long time and the new update seems to have gotten rid of all my existing points from way back too.