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Under Eye Smudge from eyeliner & mascara. How do I solve this?

My biggest problem is I always have smudges under my eye from my mascara and eyeliner. What should I do to prevent this? I ended up not wearing them and my face looks so dull. Help!


Try using eye primers! My holy grail products for my eye makeup are the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion and Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner.

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omg i had many similar accidents same as you in the past! Its SO hard to remedy once you have smudged and when you didn't intend it to be a smoky eye look (i understand). My solution to it is to use only waterproof mascara and gel eyeliner. I like to use the innisfree skinny waterproof microcara, its a mini wand to get through short asian lashes. Really beautiful natural look. See link: http://www.innisfreeworld.com/product/productView.do?prdSeq=10340&eventSeq=0&catCd01=UB I also like to use the Tony Moly Backstage Gel Liner, which is the more affordable and perfect dupe of Bobbi brown long wear gel eyeliner. It does not smudge, but you might have to reapply if you wear it all day and want the colour to be vivid. However the slight fallout does not bother me. It comes in different shades as well, I like a more natural eye look, so I go for #03 Pearl brown colour. I have bought Pearl brown colour gel eye liner for friends as gifts and they love it too! See link: http://beautifyinglifee.blogspot.sg/2015/11/review-tony-moly-backstage-gel-liner.html

Wearing waterproof mascara and eyeliner it helps a lot. And dont worry u can remove them easily using oil cleanser

i have this problem a lot! no matter what eyeliner i use, no matter the brand, i get it. but now when i use a liquid eyeliner or a gel liner, i go over it with an eyeshadow of the same colour as the liquid/gel liner so it kinda sets the liquid liner like how you put powder on top of your cream makeup haha.

i recommend you to buy waterproof mascara. im using Maybelline THE FALSIES PUSH UP DRAMA and THE HYPER CURL VOLUME MASCARA. trust me i really love this product. both of them is my favourite. somehow its not easy to remove, but i recommend you tu use olive oil to remove it easily. plus, it will make your eye lashes more thicken. dont worry about the price, its below rm50.

I would suggest you to try putting on eye primer (currently using canmake and mac, major difference is the price), so it will helps quite a lot in smudging. As if you have an oily skin, you might need all your eye makeup products in waterproof to be stubborn on behalf of you. But if your eyelids get oily easily, there is no way to guarantee you a 100% of clean eye makeup look, just don't rub around eyes area and pat some tissue on eyes to absorb excessive oil at times. Importantly, bake your eyes with mineral powder for settling to absorb excess sebum.

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I have experience the same problem. I'm wearing Silkygirl's long lasting eye liner, however they do smudge all over under my eyes after 6-8 hours. Maybe i have this attitude of keep touching my face. Scrubbing my eyes without realizing that i have actually wore an eyeliner. I stopped doing so, and realize that there was somehow little smudges. After work, i would just take cotton bud to rub it off. Since i'm also applying whitening cream before sleep, it will cover the smudge, and the next day when i wash off my face, its gone. :) I keep doing this because i don't afford to go out without eyeliner. I look dull and pale as you too.

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I would not guarantee a 100% smudge-free makeup day if you have oily skin. And you wouldn't want to cake up your face in order to prevent it. But there are a few ways to minimize the smudging. 1. Bake your under eyes while doing your eye makeup to prevent fall out as well as it gives the powder time to absorb any excess sebum at the moment. 2. Apply an eye primer. MAC's Painterly Paint Pot is one of the best eye primers out there, but any concealer will do as well. (But remember to always set your primer/concealer after applying to prevent creasing) 3. Layer down a white to skin colour matte shade on all over your lids to ensure a clear canvas before applying coloured eyeshadows. 4. To prevent heavy smudging, always use a setting spray to set your makeup in place. :) 5. It is also important to have good eyeliners and mascara that has minimal smudging. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner and Sasa's Sasatinnie Mascara. I've attached an image of my ride or die mascara! You can find it at your nearest Sasa outlet :) I hope I've helped!


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i wanna suggest waterproof mascara but it gonna be a hard to take it off later. I had the same problem to honest so what i did was to let the mascara dry first before going in with the second layer. for example, once u apply on ur upper eye lashes, let it dry first before proceed to the lower eye lashes. what i would suggest for eyeliner, u can replace it by just using an eye shadow to line ur eyes. OR u can draw using your favorite eyeliner, then trace it with a matte eye shadow to kinda set it. Do give it a try and hopefully your eyeliner wont bleed anymore.

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1) Buy a waterproof mascara. My favourite so far is the Heroine Make (Kiss Me), Long & Curl Mascara Super Waterproof Black (RM45-ish) from Watsons/Sasa. For the eyeliner, get a tattoo eyeliner. My holy grail is the Kat Von D Trooper black tattoo liner (@RM99). I never had to worry about smudges after. 2) If you want to try working with the products you already own, try setting the under eye with translucent setting power after you apply your foundation or concealer. The less oily or sweaty your skin, the less smudges you get. 3) Try not to blink too hard to avoid rubbing your lashes and lids against your skin. Less skin contact, less smudges.

Maybe u should find waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Like seriously waterproof! I suggest u CLIO. Seriously!! Superb!!