Everything you need to know about ozone therapy and why celebs are regretting it

Everything you need to know about ozone therapy and why celebs are regretting it Favful

Should you or should you not believe in endorsements?

When you stumble across a beauty treatment that claims that it has the power to cure about 20 chronic illnesses such as kidney and heart ailments, asthma, diabetes and cancer─ Do not fall into the mouse trap! New Sunday Times’ Special Probes Team just unearthed the horrifying fact that current mushrooming number of beauty parlours are bringing in the ‘magnificent’ ozone therapy treatment gadgets which are not at all being registered with Health Ministry and they make unproven promises about bringing health benefits by undergoing ozone therapy.

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This alternative medicine treatment claims that the ozone, also known as O3 where 3 oxygen atoms combined to form a molecule that’s ready to donate extra oxygen atom to free radicals that cause harm to our body through oxidation. But once the additional atom goes wrong, it will lead to radical health issue. Local celebrities such as Remy Ishak, Reen Rahim, Zizan Razak and Julia Ziegler have blindly promoted such dubious services. Knowing that ozone therapy is clear violation of law, they urge their fans to put a stop to any treatment they are undergoing now.

“Ozone therapy is very dangerous because it uses O3 gas (additional oxygen atom), and if it goes into the blood stream and form bubbles, it will travel to the person’s brain or heart. This can be deadly,” says Malaysian Health Deputy Minister Datuk Seri Dr Hilmi Yahaya. Heparin, a blood thinner also a prescription drug must be injected into the blood stream before the procedure and here comes the problem: doctors are not allowed to involve in this process. How is this considered safe?! 

If anyone is attempting this treatment just to maintain healthy circulation of blood, we suggest you a healthier way: Drink gallons of water, consume more superfoods, keep away bad habits and drugs. These aren't gonna cost you a few thousand bucks and for the worst, get you killed, guys!

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