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8 Useful Travel Makeup Hacks You Need to Know

8 Useful Travel Makeup Hacks You Need to Know Favful

Let’s be frank! Not all of us are brave enough to face the world with our bare face.(Thus, nobody is stopping me to bring my make up with me whilst I travel!)

Unfortunately,based on TSA (Transportation Security Administration), traveller is only permitted to carry on one one-quart clear, resealable plastic bag filled with liquids and gels in containers of 100 ml ( 3 oz) or less. Anything extra needs to be checked in. I believe most of us had the urge to add on a check in baggage before... JUST TO STORE OUR MAKEUP PRODUCTS, but we don’t feel like spending money on it, and are worried about lost and damaged baggage, splurging on shopping redundant items, etc.

To make packing an easy-peasy task, here are some useful travel makeup hacks.

1. Double sided Makeup Brushes


Tarte the Slenderizer Bamboo Contouring Brush

Makeup lovers acknowledge the significance of having the right brushes to create a flawless look.  You can minimize the quantity of brushes you bring while travelling with a double sided makeup brush.


2. Multi-Purpose Products


NARS The Multiple- G-Spot

Multi- Purpose Makeup Sticks and tints can usually be used for lips, cheeks and eyes in order to streamline the process. Depending on which shades you like, Nars The Multiple can be used to contour, highlight, bronze and blush.


3.  Bring Cleansing Facial Wipes rather than Liquid Makeup Remover



Simple Skincare Cleansing Facial Wipes


This product is useful in removing makeup and impurities. Most importantly it is super gentle and alcohol- free. WHAT AN INNOVATIVE WAY TO TRAVEL LIQUID FREE!


4. Use Contact Lens Case to Store Makeup


Photo Credit

Utilize contact lens case as a container.  Save up your money in buying extra containers, as you can reuse your contact lens case. Also,since there are two sides to a contact lens case, you can store two different products in one go!


5. Eyeshadow as Eyeliner… or as, Eyebrow Pencil


Urban Decay Matte Eyeshadow - Blackout


This shadow can be ultilized wet or dry! Some eyeshadows can be used as an eyeliner with just a little water. Moreover,  if you choose a shadow with a similar color as your brow you can also use it to touch up your brow.

6. Bring Sheet Masks for your Skincare Regime



I’m Ready 1 Minute Sheet Mask

Sheet mask is best used to boost hydration and is super convenient as you do not have to rinse your face after removing it. Using it before makeup will increase makeup effects and keeps makeup from smudging. This 1 Minute Sheet Mask is definitely a go-to if you want to save time. Also, it is less bulky!

7. Pack Powder Tightly



Cushioning your compact powders with sponges, cotton balls or tissue can prevent them breaking into pieces. Remember don’t put them at the bottom of your bag.


8. Pack makeups in the middle of your suitcase



Allow your suitcase to act as extra padding and shock absorber. You wouldn’t want to see your favourite beauty products break into pieces.