These are the 5 prettiest hair and beauty looks to rock your CNY

These are the 5 prettiest hair and beauty looks to rock your CNY  Favful

How to slay your CNY with fresh hairdos and makeup looks!

If the festive music and decorations in the mall haven’t quite giving you a hint yet, it’s almost Chinese New Year! Have you gotten your cheongsam or for that matter, your brightest, newest clothes ready? Well, we bet you’re going on with your shopping spree right now but seriously, don’t ever forget your new year hairdo and makeup! If you have overlooked that, or if you need a quick pick-me-up, fret not because we gathered some posh and stylish hairdo and makeup inspirations for you that are super easy to achieve!

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1. Half up top knot

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Go effortlessly chic by pulling half of your hair up in a top knot like Suicide Squad’s Margot Robbie. We're totally digging it!

Section the top portion of your hair, tame any tangles and secure it with a hair tie. It’s totally up to you on the amount of hair you wish to pull it up as you can bring all the front section of your hair up like Margot or just take the top part, also depending on the length of your hair and how big you wish your hair knot to be.

When it's done, tease your ponytail lightly to add some volume. Remember not to over tease like the 1908’s!

Swirl your ponytail into a knot on your head, secure and reshape the knot with bobby pins.

Final look:

Ta-daa~ Easy, right?

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2. Bangs

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Yes, bangs is making a comeback! Even Angelababy has her haircut recently with super cute bangs fronting the cover of Cosmopolitan China’s December issue. And yup, we’ve got the easiest way to style your bangs!

Use a straighter, give it a slight curl forward following the natural curve of your bangs instead of ironing it straight and flat. 

After you've done makeing curls, spray dry shampoo on the roots of your bangs or any hair volumizer to let it look extra airy and light. Give it a nice toss on the roots for the sprays to set and comb it with your fingers for a quick fix.

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3. Low pony tail

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Fan Bingbing’s low ponytail looks super elegant with loose strands and voluminous roots. Blow dry your hair upside down, slightly tease the crown of your hair and tie a low pony tail. Pull some strands of hair out to look more relaxed and set it with a hairspray. If you want to get fancier with your low ponytail, check out the tutorial below!

Spray your roots with dry shampoo to get more textures and volume for your hair. Then, separate it into 3 parts and tie the back part into a low ponytail.

Then twist the side sections of hair all the way to the ponytail and wrap it around to hide the hair tie. Do the same for both sides and secure with bobby pins.

Set your hair with hairspray and you’re good to go!

Final look: 

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Since no-makeup makeup is trending this year, do these easy-peasy makeup for Chinese New Year to look chic and need no to worry about smudgy makeup at the end of the day.

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4. Natural dewy makeup

We all know how sweaty it would be during the Chinese New Year but we can't go out bare faced, can we?! Good news: We found out that makeup guru Pony has a good trick for you:

Ditch your foundation and slather tinted sunscreen on your face instead so that your face will not feel sticky and heavy throughout the day!

For a healthy flush of color, dab your cheeks with cream blush. Quick tip: Smear the color on the back of your hand before applying on your cheeks for a sheer color.

For your eye makeup, brighten your eyelids with peachy hues and skip the falsies. Curl it and apply your favourite mascara to achieve that natural look. Apply some lip tint on your lips and you’re ready to bag some angpaus!

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5. Subtle glow

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When you’re not at all a makeup person but you're trying to step out of your comfort zone, opt for a subtle glow on your face. This technique requires only 2 products and is totally a no-brainer: Apply a sheer layer of foundation with a dollop of liquid highlighter to instantly strobe your face! You can also add some depth by dusting bronzer on the hollow of your cheeks and bridge of your nose. There you go, light and dewy!

What do you think about this CNY hairdo and makeup inspirations?

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