7 Tips on How To Shred Inches Off Your Belly & Look Fine AF

7 Tips on How To Shred Inches Off Your Belly & Look Fine AF Favful

The New Year, New Me Guide

 - How To Shred Inches Off Your Belly and Look Fine AF for the New Year

By Mark Mabel (@bomabel)


Alright, alright. Let’s be honest already – losing weight, keeping fit and eating healthy have got to be one of your oh-so conventional New Year’s resolutions, amirite?

You bought yourself a Nike Seamless, spent a couple more bucks on a FitBit and off you went with Beats in your ear – crunching those abs, running the hills and punching ‘em bags. Oh, and, how could I have forgotten! Upload your fitness journey to Instagram because a gurl’s gotta do it for the gram, ayy!

...3 months’ passed and there you are, slouching on the couch with a bag of Mister Potato, swiping through the photo gallery and reminiscing about the exciting times you have had with Motivation. Now, you crunch on cookies, run to be the first in line at Village Park Nasi Lemak restaurant and make lemonade rum punches instead. Don’t try to deny that this has never happened to you, because this was me, last year, the year before, and… I MEAN, IT CANNOT JUST BE ME RIGHT?! *screams and sobs internally*.

Well oh well, a brand new year means a brand new start innit? Let’s make 2018 a year whereby we attempt to push just a little further and harder together to achieve our goals! This year ‘round, I wish to tone up my tummy, and shred some inches. Below are some tips that I will be sharing and following throughout the entire year to see the results for myself!


Tip 1: Snooze your alarm, like, really

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Quit those late night grinding or Netflix-chill and have yourself a 6 to 8-hour sleep every night.

Our body is one living magic that senses, responses and adapts to even the slightest activity occurring externally or internally. Therefore, people who do not get enough hours of sleep tend to gain excess weight (or more prone to fluid retention/edema) because the body’s natural rhythm has been thrown off, which includes one of bodily most important function – a healthy and regular metabolism rate.

Our bodies have its own biological clock which ticks in specific hours to help bring together all the systems to work simultaneously. For instance, our liver undergoes a neutralizing and breaking down of toxins accumulated during the day between 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. However, if your body is still awake, the detoxification process will not be able to take place smoothly.

The longer a person stays up late, the less time our livers have to perform its duty, which leads to a nasty ending we call “unnecessary weight gain” or even producing excessive amount of hormones called Cortisol, which causes rapid weight gain not only on your waist circumference and body, but on your face too! You know the old school adage, sleeping and waking up early is good for your health? Recite it like a mantra and start getting some quality sleep!


Tip 2: Toss your stress to Far Far Away Land.
Remember Cortisol, the overproduced hormone which results in weight gain? Uh huh, they are best at sensing stress as well.

When you are stressed, your adrenal gland automatically becomes triggered, a process that awakens the Cortisol hormones in you too. Higher cortisol count increases appetite and adds up to abdominal fat storage. Do you see why people turn to food and binge-eat Mister Potato chips when they are stressed out now?

Hoping to shred some inches also means you are stressing the numbers where the tip of a measuring tape wraps around. If it doesn’t show a smaller number, you would probably be devastated and then turn to food once again just to feel comforted.

Here’s a tip: Don’t be obsessed with numbers! Keeping fit is a long-term commitment and know that small and steady changes will always go a long way.

Give yourself and body some time to adapt to changes – kick start on a yoga class, do some meditation or anything stress relieving to keep your stress at bay and mood tiptop so you can concentrate on the ultimate goal, and that is a being a healthier and happier version of yourself!  


Tip 3: Get yourself a Nike Seamless (or anything you’d prefer) because…

… You are about to kill that workout!

Now, bear in mind that any exercise will contribute to an overall weight loss. However, if you’re hoping to tone or sculpt your tummy, attempt different kinds of abdominal exercises. Start of easy, and gradually perform stunts that are more difficult so your core muscles are able to adapt and react to increased levels of intensity and show results efficiently.

Some of the proven methods are such as a high-intensity interval training (short bursts of high intensity exercises like Tabata), resistance training (weightlifting or strength training), or even aerobic exercises. These exercises are aimed to help you build endurance, increase metabolism, lose body fats and most importantly, grow lean muscle mass. Remember, the more muscle you have, the quicker your body are able to process calories and burn lipids.

Oh, did I also mention that post-exercise can help keep the calories burning on autopilot for a solid 16-hours and more? Is this not a win-win or what!

So not only will you get a lean and flat stomach, you could eat that second scoop ice cream without worrying about packing any extra kilograms!

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Tip 4: Stay and look sweet, not eat them.

Sugar oh sugar.

Being a form of carbohydrate itself, sugar contains calories with little to zero nutritional value (vitamin, minerals & fiber). With that said, sugar in its organic state spikes blood glucose and insulin levels big time, which encourages the storage of abdominal and liver fat in the body. However, these readings drop rather significantly and quickly too, because sugar (glucose) is liquid calories, that results in us feeling hungry faster and craving for more sweet foods as our brains do not process fluid calories the same way it does solid ones (from food intake).

What makes sugar the culprit of crashing our keep-fit goal is that it is generally the type of food we would crave for, or even, become addicted to. It is almost like an endorphin – sugary treats release the feel-good chemicals into our bodies, system and brain, telling us that “the more I eat, the more I’d feel good”, which in the end of the day or night, you would wind up consuming too much calories and have them stored as excessive fat.

Sugary drinks like Starbucks, F&N and sugary foods like doughnuts and gummy bears… they are NOT your staple during an event of celebratory or even a break-up! To your surprise, fruit juices are also stuffed with sugar (fructose) too!

Nonetheless, there is no need to cut sugar out completely. Only excessive and uncontrolled intake of sugar and sugar-packed food will lead to different kinds of illness and conditions. Learn to replace artificial/white/refined sugar with natural or organic sugar such as molasses, black sugar and maple syrup. But always keep yourself reminded to consume it sparingly.

Better yet, try drinking a glass of plain water with a wedge of lemon every day to help reduce belly fat!


Tip 5: Get high in protein.

Ha! This is easy.

One of the major contributors to a muffin top or weight gain in general, is that we consume calories exceeding what our bodies (based on a standard BMI reading) are supposed to receive. Naturally, it becomes strenuous for our systems to digest and rid the extras. The theory to this is simple – 5 sprays of perfume turn heads, 10 sprays of perfume cringe faces.

So how do we curb over-eating? Increase protein intake.

Adequate amount of protein intake releases Leptin, the fullness hormone that signals our brain to stop consuming, as it decreases appetite and promotes fullness. On the other hand, protein also raises our metabolic rate and helps retain muscle mass during weight loss. Start searching on Tasty or Buzzfeed for some awesome protein-packed and light meals!

Are you a vegan or a vegetarian? Fret not. There are plenty of protein sources for our meat-free diet lovers too. Just gotta be diligent in doing your research online.


Tip 6: H2O is your new best friend.

And best friends don’t need a long explanation.

Plain water helps balance metabolic rate and fat-burning mechanisms. Moreover, the higher the water intake, the more toxins/excess you will flush out. So drink up to help your body run more productively and to complement your diet and workout regime.

Buffer in a few glasses of hot/warm green tea from time to time if you are one that does not enjoy, or is plain bad at drinking plain water. Not only does green tea has a refreshing and a little bitter-sweet taste to it, it functions to boost metabolism and detoxification as well.

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Tip 7: Eat fats to rid fats, like, really.

Not like fats fats, but olive oil.

No, this is not a fufu or a mistaken research. Certain compounds in olive oil can help stimulate a hormone in your stomach (similar to Leptin) which signals your brain that it is full. Therefore, curbs your appetite so you don’t gorge down anymore more food and still feel hungry.

To kick start, try replacing your normal cooking oil with olive oil instead. Once you are accustomed to the taste of it, attempt to make simple dipping sauces from olive oil and pair it with some light multigrain / wholemeal bread as a snack before meals so you can hinder from over eating and packing on unnecessary pounds.

Keeping fit is an everyday-journey. So take your time and be kind to yourself. When the work out or dieting becomes tough, learn how to rest, not quit. Also, have a cheat day every once in a while to keep yourself sane.

To a self-loving and self-improving 2018!

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Let us know on how you've got any tricks up your sleeves on how to achieve this goal, this year! Leave us a comment below & don't forget to share!