How Instagram Templates Brought An Overnight Success & Public Slur

How Instagram Templates Brought An Overnight Success & Public Slur Favful

By Nabbersxo

Browse and click on your Instagram story feed and I’m sure you’ll stumble upon a number of people using a template to connect with their followers, and most of them are designed by the one and only,

Angela Giakas of The Sunday Chapter.

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Angela Giakas is a Melbourne-based blogger that has a steady number of followers that is loyal to her creative content since she embarked on her journey as a blogger in the year 2014. In just less than 2 weeks, she has gained over 350,000 followers and as for 18th  March 2018, she now has 433,000 followers.

Her overnight success caught my attention and got me researching. Of course, people out there are trippin’ over how she gained a huge number of followers in such a short time span.

Her template designs went from zero to hero in a matter of days and it’s even being used by celebrities. Angela thought that designing these templates would be a great way for her to connect with her followers but she did not expect for it to just explode overnight. She even spoke about how these templates are not her idea as Snapchat started this not too long ago. It’s just her creative questionnaires and designs is the one that got her trending

On March 12, 2018, Angela posted an article on her blog The Sunday Chapter that really hit me regarding the whole concept of the influencer business. I believe that people should acknowledge her more for her content that got her to where she is standing now, instead of bluntly accusing her of buying followers.

I would say, Angela’s overnight success of gaining a huge number of engagements and followers is a coalescence between her ingenious designs and also the perfect timing. Of course, every person that is embarking on their success will get a huge number of dirty words thrown towards them. The number of accusations that she received was terrible, and it got her to set the record straight. She wrote a post on her blog titled: The Dirty Business of The Influencer World.


“Flash forward to today, I log into every social media and there’s talk about me everywhere. Threads on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn all questioning the legitimacy of my account.”, she mentioned in her article.


Angela is definitely proving to the world that organic marketing amongst fellow influencers still works and it’s not all about buying your followers. I mean, if you were to ask me, what is the point of getting fake engagements, likes and reactions to your content?

In her post, she also mentions how there is already so much secrecy in the world of influencer marketing and there is no point in creating more.


Instagram is a platform where fellow millennials connect in a way where some generations just cannot understand. We get so easily absorbed by influencers and celebrities that use hidden marketing tactics that we don’t even realize.

Let’s hope for a more transparent connection in this platform. There’s no point having a fake connection and fake followers, it’s like receiving fake love on the daily.

Angela Giakas, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for proving to us, or to me at least, that influencers that are organic with their content still exists in this world.