This e-commerce site sells bizarre Korean skincare products that you would probably die for!

This e-commerce site sells bizarre Korean skincare products that you would probably die for! Favful

Apart from Oppa, your yearns for Korean skin are fulfilled with Skinphy.

If you’re pretty lost in the beauty scene wondering what latest trend of 2017 is, let us pull you out from such misery: No makeup has ranked as the new beauty goal for this year. Those who totally crown this beauty goal are no other than the Koreans! Their poreless skin is very much lusted for— leading to mushrooming numbers of e-commerce sites that retail assorted Korean skincare products which happen to be quite a big hit in Malaysia and Singapore. Some of the brands are quite mainstream which similar products have been spotted in different K-beauty e-commerce. But if you’re more of an explorer, Skinphy might be the one that will make your eyes sparkle.

Skinphy is a portmanteau, coined from a combo of the words Skin and Philosophy. They set as a platform to bring in exclusive Korean beauty skincare products, but among all the K-beauty e-commerce out there, why should we shop at Skinphy?

1. It's weird

Their website consists of rare and bizarre selection of K-beauty items such as Donkey Milk MaskRx.Collabo Puricharcoal With Cauliflower Mask, and Korean brands like Freest, Polatam and Leaders that are not being sold in random beauty stores, which they claim harsh-free, safe and innovative that will gratify any needs.

2. User friendly interface

The interface is fairly easy to navigate and products are well categorized, simplified with shortcut to seek for the best product to target your necessity without the need of looking through all the products, reading at descriptions one by one. 

3. Men's section

Beauty products are not solely meant for women, men need some pamper too! Skinphy also incorporated a section for guys, so whichever girlfriend wants the boyfriend to look like your dearest Oppa, you just got lucky! Though there are still a minimal selection, no worries there are more to come!

4. Free shipping

Who doesn’t love shopping online with free shipping? Skinphy is offering free delivery for all orders with a minimum spending of RM80 for West Malaysia, RM120 for East Malaysia and RM250 for Singapore! No worries if there’s defective or incorrect item, they implementing a 14-day exchange policy with terms and conditions, obviously.


Saving best thing for last, Skinphy is now doing a mega giveaway! Try the exclusive Leaders and Rx. Collabo masks for FREE by answering a simple question:

Which is your fav K-pop star and what will you do if you could spend a day with him/her?

It's that easy! Five (5) winners with the best answer will be chosen to receive two exclusive mask sets: Leaders and Rx. Collabo Masks from Skinphy for FREE!

Terms & Conditions: *updated*

  1. This giveaway starts on 13 January 2017 and ends on 26 January 2017,11:59pm.
  2. This giveaway is open to all Malaysian and Singaporean residents only.
  3. The judges’ decision is final.
  4. The winners will be announced on 27 January 2016 on our website, Facebook page and Instagram.

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Have fun leaving your answers below!

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