Table for Two: The Playlist of Modern Love

Table for Two: The Playlist of Modern Love Favful

By: Nabilah Hariz (@nabbersxo)

Tis’ the season to be lovin’! With Valentines creeping its way through, I’m sure you ladies and gents are busy planning the perfect day to celebrate this day with your one and only, the person that makes your heart skip a beat and your smile to go ear to ear. Nothing is better than experiencing all these love while having a perfect array of songs playing.


If you’re single, don’t be sour about it! You could still enjoy your Valentine’s with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s while listening to these songs… or have a sleepover with your besties while dancing your night away! Cheer up, buttercup!

So, here it goes. A three-course meal co-ordinated by Nabbers, consisting of a beautiful selection of stunningly crafted music to celebrate love…..modern love


1. Appetizer

There’s nothing like an exciting beginning to a wonderful evening. Something to start off the appetite, something to slow down the evening and get you tuned into the moment. ‘So. Good.’ by Johnny Stimson is a great choice to stimulate the evening.   


“I wanna know all of your secrets

I wanna know all of your funny little tricks

So tell me everything about ya

So I can watch you move your lips”


His subtle high-note voice singing to a beautiful relaxed tune is a perfect way for you and your loved one to kick off your celebration….to a sweet tune that bites your curiosity and give you a glimpse of the next best part of the evening.


2. Entrée

 There’s nothing like the main event of the night. The tune should be a little less upbeat, a little slower and a little more love to the lyrics. Let’s go big and make this night an unforgettable one with the perfect tune of affection, ‘Get You’ by the one and only Daniel Caeser featuring Kali Uchis.


This song will promise to add a whole lotta romance to the evening.  With Daniel Caeser’s sweet and sultry voice, singing to the beautiful lyrics of how your baby has been there for you… oh honey, this song is just pure gold for Valentine’s.



“Every time I look into your eyes I see it
 You're all I need
 Every time I get a bit inside I feel it

Ooh, who could've thought I'd get you”


Ah, the lyrics are just, unforgettable and crafted to perfection.


3. Dessert

Let’s end this on a sweet note, shall we? A sweet beginning should have a sweet ending too, just like your favourite fairy tale.  

As we all know, sometimes one dessert is just not enough. Well, let’s end this sweet evening with two instead, because why not, right? I’m sure you don’t want this night to end yet, so savour these beats while it lasts.


Cool With You’ by Her’s and ‘Frozen’ by Sabrina Claudio is the perfect mix of how love feels like, when it’s a the finest state. Fun, romance and just pure emotions for each other. Sounds sweet, right? Yeap, it’s too sweet to be true.




You and your loved one wouldn’t want the perfect evening to end after this two gems of a tune. Trust.


Now, you’re all set for the perfect Valentine’s evening. The perfect music, the perfect memory and the most important part….the perfect company. Enjoy your evening and celebrate every aspect of love to these tunes, made perfect for you modern lovebirds.


What are your favourite love songs? Drop those tunes below!