How to Pamper Your Man this Valentine’s

How to Pamper Your Man this Valentine’s Favful

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By Mark Mabel (@bomabel)

Valentine’s Day is today and as a girly girl that a majority of us are, or rather, innately designed to be, we would either discreetly or overtly wish that our partner would put in their best shot at creating a lovey-dovey and aww-babe-you-didn’t-have-to-do-this surprise.

But hey, it’s 2018… why don’t we turn the tables for a bit? Instead of having our baby boy rack their brains for the Valentine’s bombshell this year, how about the gals take the role of spoiling and smothering them with love instead? And… what’s better when all of these ideas can be done smack dab in home where the heart is or without spending like a drunken sailor on the shore leave?

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The Boyfriend Home “Retreat”

Let’s be real – don’t matter the age, but guys will always have a trace of childish in them. Amirite? What’s a better way to appreciate the child-like in them (for once or twice) than actually celebrating it by building a… DIY FORT!

Grab a couple of chairs and pull a large bed sheet (or any cover sheet) over. To enhance the aesthetics and create a more snuggly and romantic ambiance, line the sheet with fairy lights. Don’t fret about having to find a big space in the house, even a decent corner would do! Then, throw in as many pillows and a blanket. If you’ve got a carpet, spread it across the floor for a more pleasurable DIY fort retreat.

What’s next?

Settle and get cuddly, duh. Put your phone away and start talking about anything and everything. Forget about work or the times when things were difficult and didn’t work out the best for the two of you. Have a heart-to-heart or a pillow talk. Lay on his chest and listen to his heart beat. Feel his hair and the warmth and assurance of his embrace. Stay vulnerable in his affection, and make this an opportunity to remind yourself once again how this relationship has started its first chapter, and how you would want him in the picture for more Valentine’s to come.  


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Not-so Candle Light Dinner

Alright, a dinner is cliché, I know. But here’s a fact, nothing is more adorable and heartwarming than preparing a homemade meal from scratch! Moreover, it is more inexpensive to eat in than out as restaurants are very likely to hike up their prices during Valentine’s.

Be it a simple Bolognese Meatball Spaghetti or Beef Steak, anything homemade goes a long way, because your partner isn’t just savoring a mere meal, but he is tasting the diligence, effort and infatuation put behind in the making as well. Chinese people have an adage that goes like this – a woman who makes it in the kitchen and work, is a keeper. So trust me on this one, sisters.

What’s next?

Light up a Yankee or Bath & Body candle and bon appétit. If the cooking turns out good, kudos to you! If they turn out a little more than burnt and tasteless, order a take-out then. A McDonald burger and McFlurry sounds like a plan too! Essentially, it’s the time you spend with your partner that counts the most. Preparing a meal together (if both of your time and schedules allow) is one way to bond and strengthen a relationship. Then again, put social media away and simply, treasure the night.


Bed Date

Calm down, not that kind of a bed date… yet. Should we take a step back, you’d soon realize just how we are constantly on-the-go. We are either occupied with unceasing workload, daily assignments or impromptu errands that we have to run inevitably. Just how long, have we not slept in or merely, rested in a bed without having a care in the world?

This Valentine’s, learn to sleep in – let the sun gleam through the curtains, and wake up only when your limbs are ready to nimble. Then, make yourselves a good breakfast in bed or have a cuppa. If this isn’t obvious enough, I am “suggesting” that the two of you should call in sick to office. Yes, it may sound a little extra, but trust me on this one – you and your partner deserve the rest. Work does not and should not come first, so call it a self-love and self-care day, your holistic health could patently use one day of it. When night falls, nestle up against one another and catch a movie with a bucket of popcorns. Be it a rom com, thriller or gore, enjoy the simplicity of the evening!

What’s next?

I mean honestly, what’s a bed date with a little something some of intimacy? 😏. Put on a nice (and naughty) nightgown, treat yourself to a nice pair of lacey and matching lingerie. Whatever that you allow to take place or develop next, ensure it is of mutual consent and that you are comfortable of doing!


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The Vice Versa Girlfriend Treatment

We have got to love our man like how we do our Zoeva palette and trips down to the Sephora aisle, amirite. Prepare him a Bath & Body Works body care treatment, at home. We’re talking about a good facial wash, then a nice charcoal peel-off mask and a moisturizing avocado mask. Then, head on to Mr. Google’s homepage and pick up a couple of simple head, shoulder and body massage techniques.

If you’ve got a bathtub, treat him to a bath bomb session. If you don’t, well, that is quite alright as well. Buy a bottle of body shampoo from The Body Shop or Philosophy and take a nice, warm and long shower/bath. A little spending on our baby boy once in a blue moon should not hurt your wallet! Once he’s done, turn on the AC in the room and enjoy the rest of the day with a good bottle of wine, or cans of beer with some chips.

What’s next?

Head to to find out what sort of beauty / body care products which works for you that you could purchase to reward and shower your partner with love with!