5 Acne Skin Saviors!

5 Acne Skin Saviors! Favful

By: Nur Nabilah (@nabbersxo)

Acne scars suck. It’s almost like a double punishment. First, you have to deal with the pimples, now you have marks as a reminder. They say scars won’t heal, but I’m here to prove that statement wrong!

There are millions of products out there that claims to help get rid of those dark scars on your skin, and we tend to fall way too easily for these marketing tactics. Personally, I’ve been struggling with this issue for almost a year now, but with these 5 products that I’ve been using, I could see the difference! It’s not completely gone, but it has faded, for sure!

Before we go into the 5 products, let’s get a little into what actually is acne scars, shall we?

Acne scars are usually the result of inflamed blemishes. These inflamed blemishes are caused by skin pores that contains an excess amount of oil, bacteria and dead skin cells. When the pore swells, there will be a break in the follicle wall. Usually, the shallow breaks are minor and heals quickly. But if there is a deep break in the follicle wall, the infected materials can spill into the surrounding tissue which creates a deeper lesion. When skin tries to repair this infected area by forming new collagen fibres, it will create a layer of skin that is not as smooth as the original and may appear darker than the original skin colour.

Well, now that you already know how acne scars are formed, let’s get into the products!


  1. Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Mulberry Foaming Scrub (100g) – RM 24.70 [ Watsons ]

This product is my favourite exfoliating face wash! Not only does the micro granules goes deep down into the pores to remove oils and dead skin cells, it gives me a visibly brighten skin!

The Mulberry extract in this product definitely plays a huge part in this product as Mulberries are rich in Vitamin B3 and C which aids skin brighten.

It’s been two months since this product was added into my skincare routine and I must say, it does help to brighten the dark acne scars on my face! You know what’s the plus point? It helps with my super oily skin condition without leaving it dry!


  1. GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment (34g) – RM 310.00 [Sephora Malaysia]

This baby is my holy grail & my greatest skincare investment!

Yes, I won’t lie… this is the most expensive mask I have ever purchased…and it’s also the best mask I’ve ever tried! It is created to target and fight all common skin concerns—from breakouts and discoloration to blackheads and in-grown hair—this powerful mud visibly clears and brightens skin.

My skin feels like brand new only after the first use! To me, this is great if you have a combination of problems on your skin as it absorbs excess oil, avoids breakout and improve skin texture which is essential to cure acne scars and also to avoid your skin from developing more scars!  


  1. Garnier Skin Natural Pure Active Toner (100ml) – RM 16.85 [ Guardian ]

Toning is an essential step to make sure that your skin tone stays all even! This toner is my favourite as it doesn’t just even out my skin tone, but it fights 6 signs of acne too.

When you apply it on your skin with a cotton pad, you’ll feel a tingly sensation on your skin. This means that it’s absorbing the oil on your skin and tightening your pores….which helps to avoid the formation of new acne!

Oh, and on the side note, I could see that the surface area of my acne scars getting smaller after using this toner!

Definitely the most effective toner that I’ve tried!


  1. KLAIRS Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop (35ml) – RM 128.30 [ Hermo ]

I’ve always been very cautious when spending on a serum. Why?

Because I expect it to work like magic….and also it’s hard to find the perfect serum for your skin problem.

We already know that the Vitamin C in this serum is great for brightening the scars… but this magic potion contains L-Ascorbic acid which helps to mildly improve the texture of the skin as well.

It’s been almost 3 months of me using it and it has helped me a lot by giving it a boost of love & care. With this baby, a little bit goes a long way!

Major love for you, Klairs!

  1. Neutrogena Moisture SPF15 (100ml) – RM 33.70 [ Watsons ]

Moisturising is one of the most important steps when it comes to skincare. No matter what skin type you are, keep moisturising because it helps in the process of healing your scars. You just gotta pick the right one for you!

This baby is great for oily skin. It’s oil-free, light and has SPF15 which protects the skin from further sun damage. You’ll now feel moisturised without looking all greasy. Yayyers!

Skincare can get really confusing sometimes, because some products might work for others but not your skin. But once you find the right match for your skin, it feels like you just won an award!

You should give these products a try if you’re looking to get rid of those annoying acne scars. I hope it helps your skin like how it’s been helping mine!


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