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By : Nur Nabilah (Nabbersxo)

Black Panther is just, feminism at its finest. Beautiful and empowering, all in one.

Let me just kick-start this piece by saying this: I didn’t know what to expect before watching this movie. From the trailer that I’ve watched religiously, all I could see that this film will bring a huge impact to many people of colour in our era, because let’s be real, it’s a rare occasion to have the film industry produce a movie that is rich with elements of Black people.   

Throughout the whole movie, I then realised how this film is led by a group of powerful, winning women and it portrays feminism in the best way possible. The female characters are showing that they're not in the film to compete, but the way they complement the components of the film just elevates Black Panther as a whole.

With that being said, let me just sit down, be humble (not really) and show you how the different female characters in Black Panther is bringing the women power game real strong.


Princess Shuri, the Tech Queen

Being the king’s sister, Shuri is definitely doing a more-than-okay job at being his sidekick. Played by Letitia Wright, this girl is a true technology genius. Her inventions are crafted to perfection, from functionality, appearances to the scientific advancements of her creation…..damn, this girl is hella smart. I mean, having a woman to think of an invention that allows her to assist and narrates her brother’s moves when he’s at the war zone….that’s just pure genius.

Well, you men think us women can’t be technologically advanced? Well, you should listen to us more then.



Nakia, the King’s Beloved.

The beauty of Nakia is great enough to make King T’Challa freeze during his mission. Imagine her power as a spy of Wakanda. She is a member of a group of spies that goes out of Wakanda to save the people of their culture, especially the girls and women that is on planet Earth.

As if being the lover of the king and the government spy is not awesome enough, she inspires T’Challa to think differently when it comes to leading the country so that the citizens will get to live a better life. Oh, not to mention that the power of Black Panther is restored because of her quick thinking skills.  

A beauty, a saviour, a lover and an inspiration. Geez woman, you’re just way too amazing.



Queen Ramonda, the Momma of Black Panther

I can easily say that she is the definition of a super mom. Even without a king by her side (her husband that passed away), she is still able to carry herself so strong and making sure to always be by her son’s side so that Wakanda doesn’t fall apart.

She provides for T’Challa in every aspect: spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

When her son was having doubts before being a king, he assured him. When he is at his lowest (when he almost died), she is the one who helped to heal him with her words and support.


Black Panther is definitely an exquisite intersectional effort between the culture of feminists and the portrayal of Black women. Many people talk about how this movie is the perfect representation of Black people, and yes I have to agree on that, but, it hits the feminism spot in the best way and at the best time ever.

When the feminism act was born, it was only to fight for the rights of white women and ignored the women of colour. Now, that women of colour are being included in the act of feminism, this movie is just a true in-your-face for the men who think fighting like a girl just means doing everything weaker and girlier.

Well, in your face, boys. These women brought their A-Game and took this movie to levels I’ve never seen any movie has been brought to…and yes, Black Panther contains a higher number of feminism aspects than Wonder Woman.


What do you think about the women in Black Panther? Drop your thoughts below!