We all know water is good for your skin, but sometimes you need that extra boost. Even with the humid climate we live in, your skin can get dehydrated easier than you’d think.

For instance, research shows that thermic shocks can irritate skin and affect your skin’s ability to retain water; this, in turn, leads to dehydrated skin.

What are thermic shocks, you might ask? These are the sudden changes in temperature and humidity that we experience on a day-to-day basis.

From the first thermic shock our skin goes through, there are already visible changes such as redness and texture. That being said, it’s pretty shocking to know that we go through up to 17 thermal shocks in a day!


The question you’re probably asking is, how do I protect my skin against these drastic changes?

Well, Clarins has the answer with their new Hydra Essentiel range.

Fusing science with nature, their goal is to maintain your skin’s hydration level no matter the temperature. In addition, the use of their Anti-Pollution Complex protects against unavoidable hazards that may cause damage to our delicate skin.

What makes this line special is the use of a special ingredient: the Madagascan “Leaf of life”, also known as the plant that never gets thirsty. Research has shown that this leaf is able to boost the skin’s natural hydration, which is what inspired the products in this Hydra Essentiel range.


The first product introduced in this line is the Hydra Essentiel Bi-phase Serum


As the name suggests, extracts from both the leaf of life and the beautyberry are combined to provide radiant, dewy skin.

The best part is, it works for all skin types!

From the most dehydrated skin to oily skin, everyone needs moisture to balance everything out, which is exactly what this product will do.

The texture is super lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.

Pro tip: It’s best applied before moisturizer to reap the maximum benefits.

For those new to applying serums, here’s a quick video demonstrating how to apply the Bi-phase Serum:


Next up is the Hydra Essentiel Light Cream

What makes this product so special is that it’s specially formulated for Asian skin!

Since it was developed for this humid climate we live in, it absorbs lightning-quick and gives the face a refreshed feeling unlike any other.

If we could describe this cream, it’s the go-to daily moisturizer for deep hydration, which also protects skin against environmental damage.

Like the Bi-phase Serum, it also works for all skin types.


For those with normal to combination skin, the Hydra Essentiel Cooling Gel is for you.

What makes this gel magic is how it melts into skin upon contact.

Another plus is that it’s equally as refreshing as the Light Cream, just with a matte finish.

So if you’re concerned with looking too shiny throughout the day, Clarins has you covered.

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