4 Beauty Brands That KILLED Their Content Game

4 Beauty Brands That KILLED Their Content Game Favful

By: Nabilah Hariz (NABBERSXO)

We all know that nobody is born knowing how to draw the perfect eyeliner or to flawlessly do a cut crease eyeshadow look – which is why cosmetic brands is doing everything they can to make their content the first source of the beauty community.

Almost every beauty enthusiast relies heavily on the internet to find out the new & trendy beauty tips and products. Their hustling their way through to publish the most creative, different, informative & impressive content to build a reputable identity for their empire.

Here I have the five brands that is totally slaying their content in the best possible way.


1. Duck Cosmetics

Duck Cosmetics is a Malaysian brand originated from The dUCk Group. After founder Vivy Yusof, popular blogger & entrepreneur launched dUCk in 2014, the brand quickly became popular and in August 2017, Duck Cosmetics was born.


I have so much love for their content because hey, they’re a local brand that is doing all the right things – and after their cosmetic line was launched 5 months ago, they caught the attention of many beauty lovers.


Each post released on their social media is perfectly structured with editing that is according to their soft and structured theme accompanied by captions that is fun, super creative and makes the reader feels personally connected! Oh, and the name of their products, so different and fun!


If you ladies haven’t already heard of this brand, do give their social media a follow and visit their beautiful store at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur!

2. Fenty Beauty

This brand is no stranger to anyone. What comes to mind when I say Rihanna? Fenty Beauty, of course.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty is the music, fashion and beauty icon of our generation. What inspired her to begin Fenty Beauty is because she’s been seeing the void in the beauty industry for products that can perform across all skin types and tones.


The first thing that sets their social media content apart from the rest is the diversity of people that is being featured. This allows everyone to feel accepted & connected to their brand.

Not only that, their social media platform features beautifully structured content that is edgy, structured, informative and transparent.

And when I say informative, I mean it. They are constantly updating their Instagram stories with tips & tricks on how to use their products on different skin tones and reposting make-up tutorials by amazing beauty gurus worldwide.


3. Milk Make-Up

Just like dUCk Cosmetics, Milk Makeup is a brand that is cultured by Milk Studios, a cultural hub of creators in New York and Los Angeles.

And to all you holographic lovers and unicorn freaks… you will DEFINITELY fall in love with their Instagram aesthetics after the first look!



Known for their holographic sticks, Milk Makeup products are made with the best possible ingredients - anything and everything, just without the bad stuff.

When it comes to content, they are not coming to play, honey.

The photographs posted are edited/shot in the most beautiful, crisp and distintive manner possible. Colour tones are always synchronize and accompanied with engaging captions.


I mean, #feedgoals right there.

4. Glossier

Dreamy, in a good way.

Glossier may have such dreamy, beautiful and personal touch towards their aesthetics, but their more than just the looks. Glossier believes that you give life to the products and that products don’t give life to you. They are laying a new foundation for a beauty movement that celebrates real girls, in real life.

Stunning message, stunning name, stunning feed. What more can they give?

Content that makes you feel a certain connection towards their brand.

That’s pretty impressive if you ask me.

Their captions may be short and simple, but it allows viewers to easily absorb the message. Also, each and every picture posted gives off a certain vibe that allows you to almost feel, touch and connect immediately.



And every product has a story behind it.


There you have it, the four brands that I personally think produces quality and engaging content. If you haven’t heard any of them, do follow them on their social medias and see what I’m talking about!

I’m sure you’ll love their content as much as I do, loves!

What are some of your favourite beauty brands that produces dope content? Let us know by leaving a comment to us below!