Stand Naked and Appreciate

Stand Naked and Appreciate Favful

By: Nabilah Hariz (@nabbersxo)


We’ve all been there

Hating every inch of our body, from our hair to our shoulders and even something as small as the shape of our lips. Sometimes we end up having a love that is so small for ourselves just because of how we look. Being a woman, we tend to judge our body negatively all because of the beauty standards that is built by the society.

How this usually ends is that we build this anxiety in us and allow the negativity that has been surrounding us to take over our minds, and we just, breakdown and cry. We cry so hard until our chest hurts about something we honestly can’t change….people’s mindset towards body image.


Sometimes, we can’t fully read our mind and hearts. Why, just why would we let the words of others get to us so easily?

We have days where we are just feeling it and want the world to see how great we look. We have people in our lives always supporting us and adore how we look. We may receive 1001 compliments but we still don’t feel, full.

When people question our happiness, we would say that we are happy, but people could always hear the slight uncertainty in our voice. That little uncertainty that is telling ourselves that we need to be corrected in every way possible.

The more we look down on our bodies, the more people will throw mean words to us and the more we would let it get to us. Start loving yourself, step by step.

Remove every piece of clothing that you have on and caress every inch of yourself. It may sound weird, but trust me, you’ll start loving you for you. Go ahead, cherish every lump of your fat, every surface of you stretch marks and every strand of your hair.

As you do that, speak to yourself. Probably something around these lines:

“Stop trying to fit into the shape of the cookie cutter that was built by the society. You are the most beautiful person inside out, and I can tell you that because I watched you grow.

From timid to bold.

From confused to wholesome.

From kind to kinder.

You’ve never stopped loving everyone in your life, so water yourself with some of that love too. Let love and imagination water your creations. You are a beautiful creation that is slowly, but surely creating beautiful things for everyone to appreciate. Stop allowing something like the density of your body fat, the tightness of your curls, the size of your hips and how small your breasts define you and what you do anymore. It’s draining, just stop .”


Remember, that girl you see in the mirror every day, is beautifully flawed.

If you want to improve, do it only for that girl, and only her (you).


You are a creation that deserves a whole lot of respect, especially from yourself.

Allow that creation (you) to speak its own beauty.

And if you’re ever in doubt, just stand naked and appreciate yourself, for you.

And you will feel content.

I promise.