5 Sexy Lipsticks to Wear for Your First Date

5 Sexy Lipsticks to Wear for Your First Date Favful

By Missalvy


Whatever your plans are for your first date with that cute guy,why not wear your favorite lippie?

You'll be sexy in any shade with just a quick swipe of the sexiest, most romantic colour, Here are 5 of our favorite sexy lipstick to give you a little kiss-spiration or that lip action at the end of the date…Well, if the date don’t go a complete disaster, I don’t see why not? 


1. Huda Beauty Icon Liquid Lipstick

This Liquid Lipstick finishes off matte is a beautiful pinkish to brown colour that is suitable for any  casual date nights.  The lightweight formula glides on a thin coat of colour that intensifies as it sets to a matte, transfer-free finish. Definitely perfect when you’re ready for some tongue..i mean lip action with that lucky man. Try wearing this out to lure your crush, get him aroused by your innocence but mature look. Any men would fall for this subtle but sexy look without looking too desperate, what an ICON. Get it Here!


2.  Colourpop Liquid Lipstick in Avenue

This vampy deep red ultra matte lip is suitable for your classy first date nights, having a flirtatious conversation with a bottle of champagne in one of the classiest restaurant in 5th AVENUE New York. I mean, KLCC also can lah.

This look definitely gives a little mysterious aura in you, that spikes curiosity in your man that keeps him guessing. He has no choice, but to come back to meet you for more. Next thing you know, he’s hooked. Get it Here!


3. ABH Liquid Lipstick Set

(left) Dazed, (center) Bittersweet, (right) Hudson

This trio of full pigment, matte lip color of liquid lipstick set is perfect for the girl who is not attached but is exploring varieties. Varieties mean they can be different lipstick colours…. or men.

We are not judging here! Wearing this beautiful redwood colour, Dazed when she’s having a classy expensive date and feeling sexy for her wealthy hot hunk date, too dazed to say much during the date but just to enjoy the view of this beautiful man. When she’s having an adventurous first date, just exploring the local events with her cute bad boy that her mum would asked her to avoid, giving her the decision to not have the choice to date him again. This date, she would go for the shade Bittersweet to keep it casual but fun. Just like the date itself it was a short casual bittersweet date. When she’s having an innocent pure date having a day dining by the Hudson river in NYC with her childhood crush, she would go for the shade Hudson to keep the date simple and blissful. 


4. Glossier Generation G in Crush

This diffused, sheer matte goodness Generation G is the kind of lipstick for girls who likes it natural.  It gives the look and finish of just blotted lipstick, without the blot. Keep it natural and wear it on your first date with a no-makeup makeup look, giving your date the impression of the confidence you have on how you look and keep it “natural” during your first date. It’s totally sexy. Get it Here!


5. Kylie Lipstick in Mary Jo K

There aren't many red lipsticks that are one-shade-suits-all, but this matte liquid Lipstick has high intensity pigment for an instant bold matte lip, created by the social media queen - Kylie Jenner actually looks good on every girl in the world. Not sure what kind of makeup would you like to wear on your first date? wear RED, nothing can go wrong with red. It is an instant upgrade from the sloppy you to posh and seductive version of you making him wants more. Get it here!

Have that RED lipstick that you want to share? Comment below to let us know, loves!