5 reasons why your new year’s resolutions are BS and how to make sure you achieve all your goals this year

5 reasons why your new year’s resolutions are BS and how to make sure you achieve all your goals this year Favful

Been there, done that.

It has taken less than a month to eff-up all the resolutions we have made and drown ourselves in oblivion. “WTF are we doing?” we asked. We all have repeated resolutions over the years on how we are going to change ourselves to live a better life or to be a better person. However, these resolutions somehow became empty promises and some are said just to convince ourselves that we at least "tried" to do it. So, here are the some specific patterns we noticed that led to the failures of your resolutions, every year.

Read and don't repeat.

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Reason 1 – You included someone in your resolution

Yes, we know it’s great to have a gym buddy or BFF to go on a diet with you, but isn’t your resolution something personal for you to be accountable for? Those poor gym/diet buddies are forced to come along with your self-improvement journey whether they like it or not. That will create a form of dependency so when they turn you down, you tend to lose interest on anything you planned. Like that, jia lat already lo?

Keep your mind set with the things that you can attain. If you’re never a gym-goer, try something light and easy like going for brisk walking or starting with some easy home workout that you can search from YouTube. When you have the durability and strong will to go on, then hit the gym, alone!

Reason 2 – No proper research

Let’s say you want to lose weight and set a goal for yourself to lose a total of 5kg by March. It seems pretty attainable, but how are you going to execute it? What’s your diet plan? What’s your workout routine? Or is there any particular areas in your life (food, exercise?) you are targeting and how are you going to do it? These are the questions you should sort out to get your mind and body ready. You may risk your health by focusing too much on the number on the scales and totally paying no heed to your own health by skipping meals just to reach your goal.

This not only applies to dieting, it's also when you’ve are planning for goals related to financial savings and traveling. Everything requires proper planning and focus on your process, not solely the result. Do what’s stated in your planner and stick to it no matter what.

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Reason 3 – There's always a “tomorrow”


“No more booze starting tomorrow!”, “I will go jogging tomorrow after this buffet”, “This is my last cigarette, I promise!” Oh gosh, no. In fact, you’ll continue the same old sh*t the next day and claim that it’s the last. It’s not going to work that way, girls!

When you’re taking another sip of G&T, stop right there. What we need is to binge on our self-improvement to be better the same way we binge on booze, or snacks, ice cream, whatsoever. You are the only person that can pull yourself out from such misery so start your day with “I will not eat junk food” and stick a reminder on your fridge!

Reason 4 – Facing drawbacks

If you’re not sticking to your resolution, that’s just going to make you feel like you’ve did the worst decision ever and things are not going to work out anymore. Everything takes time to adjust and will eventually fall in place when the right time comes. If you expect a six-pack within a month by working out in the gym and eating clean? Sorry to break it to you because it’s not gonna happen that quickly.

When drawbacks hit you, hit them back, HARD. Never have the thought that failure is the end of your goals but take it as a challenge for you to strive harder and give in more than you've ever done to get through it. 

Reason 5 – You have always waited another year

Let’s face it: How many of the New Year resolutions that you made are different from those you wished you achieved last year? Resolutions are an excuse for you to be lazy for the rest of your year, TBH, seemingly that you can set them again the following year.

In fact, you don’t need to wait until another year to improve yourself, in fact, you don’t need to set a date. If you want to do something, do it now and we def mean it! Why do you need to wait until the 1st of Jan to start? Dilly dally no more!

What are your resolutions and how are you working towards them? Share with us!

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