Favful Recap: 2017 Beauty Trends!

Favful Recap: 2017 Beauty Trends! Favful


The year is coming to an end….have you tried these beauty trends on yourself?


The world of beauty has gone on a wild ride of wide extremes, from being great to just pure weird. A new year is coming our way, which means there will be new levels of beauty trends approaching, girls!

So, my beauty enthusiasts, let’s take a little step back & recap on 2017’s Beauty Trends that has been all over your feed and may (or may not) leave you speechless.


  1. Glitter, Glitter Everywhere!

Sparkles and shimmers were just all over 2017. From a full face of glitter, to glitter under-eyes and glitter lips… it’s just is all over & it’s oh-so-extra!

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Just look at Youtuber & Makeup Artist, Syaf Othman rocking some golden glitter on her under-eyes & décolleté. To top it all off, she even paired it with a simple bronzy coral eyeshadow. Stunning, ain’t it?


If you love watching make-up tutorials on Youtube, I’m sure you’re no stranger to Nikkie Tutorials.  Here she went an extra length to crowning her pink glitter lids with some blinding crystals. She takes extra to a whole new level… and she does it perfect..every…single…time!


  1. Wavy Eyebrows

We all swear by perfectly shaped eyebrows & making sure it is always.. ALWAYS on-fleek. When I thought I’ve seen it all, along came the wavy eyebrows. Not gonna lie, it does look like you were doing your eyebrows while you’re drunk or you allowed your 3-year-old niece to do your brows.

Of course, an increasing number of beauty bloggers have been seen sporting this trend, but as a fan, I’m not sure what to make of it.

Promise Tamang, is said to be one of the trendsetters of this look. On her interview with Pop Sugar, she revealed that she was inspired to try it out in real life after seeing a Photoshopped image of it.


And of course, many other Instagrammers jumped into this trend with their own twist to it.





  1. Painful Charcoal Peel-Off Masks

As long as you’re a social media user, I’m sure you’ve stumbled across videos of people peeling off these black mask off their face at least once a day. This product is what Youtubers and beauty bloggers swear by to achieve photo-ready skin.


Watch her review video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HA5NOP6fSbY

Elizavecca, a Korean beauty brand that jumped into the bandwagon and became popular for their Green Piggy Collagen Jella Pack and Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask. This year, their Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask became a hit in the market & just by the name of it, it’s definitely a hell of a ride. I’ve tried once & I must say, it’s definitely worth the pain.

You can get Elizavecca Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask from http://my.althea.kr/


And the results of every peel-off is always so satisfying.


  1. Lip Gloss Domination


Matte liquid lipsticks are so last year… (literally.)

The old school glossy lips came back, and it came back fresher than ever.

My queen, Rihanna launched her make-up line, Fenty Beauty so that women everywhere would be included. It focuses on creating various formulas and shades to match all skin types & skin colours.




But her universal lip gloss, Gloss Bomb was a big hit.


What made her lip gloss a big hit is because it’s a unicorn of nudes that looks good on everyone.


And I mean it when I say, everyone.


Of course, there are many other beauty brands that jumped into the gloss trend with stunning shades of lip glosses, but I would say that Fenty Beauty’s Gloss Bomb is unbeatable because it’s a stunner with a beautiful message behind it.


  1. Bare, the new Beauty

Getting naughty ayy….not!

I’m talking about the bare makeup look. People seem to be obsessed with this new look which includes everything nude. From nude lip shades, to nude cheeks…just minimal everything.


Malaysian make-up artist, Raja Azureen Eleena recreated this look beautifully. Just look at that perfect nude lip by Kylie Cosmetics that she used to top off the entire look

Not only a daily trend, this look was also a big hit at the New York, London & Milan Fashion Weeks.

An article by Karen Hua from Forbes mentioned that bearing is no longer radical, but a natural action to show the symbol of raw beauty.


This trend is definitely the highlight of 2017 as it shows that women don’t have to go through extreme changes to be accepted by society, especially when these nude looks are used on the runways.

If you tried any of these trends yet, go ahead before it’s too late!

It’s definitely exciting to look back at some of the beauty trends of 2017 and I’m excited to see what 2018 has to offer! Glitter hair dyes and metallic mascaras sounds like it could be a cool trend, doesn’t it?

What do you think of 2017’s beauty trends? I would love to hear your thoughts! Comment to us below!